Yes, my aware flesh fortifies sanctioned
defying each challenge
from each poetic invest of sound
incarnation impropriety …
I am passionate and dream analytical
with glowing electronic eyesight
a beautiful artful lady tight and chronicled
unquenchable, planted with an earthborn
aura of unified endearing enticement
you will remember me transformed in this
green but joyless background-ambiance
day by day the ignited night in my hands
realm rapture exposing silky glazed doses
my full unveiled form you know,
my shoulders in ritual rebound
entitling my stay in a contour of merciful
expanding gothic brisk snowflakes still by relic light
as echoing shouts re-cause pulse-secret mediation
as each frequency of earthquaking darkness
brings a last eventide for your universe
for me not to gather in, just as a human being ….