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“the mind sparks at a Borges story or elegant proof in math…” 
From: Call The Mainland by Alice Fulton – from her book FELT – copyright © 2001

“this book of fables by Borges, its prose a stalking, moonlit tiger.” 
From The Gulf by Derek Walcott – The Gulf and Other Poems copyright © 1969

Jorge Luis Borges

Harold Bloom of Borges from the book: The Western Canon – copyright © 1994…
“Of all Latin American authors in this century, he is the most universal…
an awareness of literature in which he has gone farther than anybody else.” 

John Updike – visualized Borges’ work as “going beyond psychology, beyond the human.”

When, in 1982, Gabriel Garcia Marquez was given the Nobel Prize he expressed one consideration:
that Argentine fabulist Jorge Luis Borges deserved the honor before him.

Emir Rodríguez Monegal (professor at Yale University – scholar, literary critic and editor)
has alleged that many of the ideas of French Pied-noir philosopher Jacques Derrida were recycled
from the work of Borges (from essays and tales such as:
La fruición literaria” (1928),
Elementos de preceptiva” (1933),
Pierre Menard” (1939),
Tlön” (1940),
Kafka y sus precursores” (1951)….)

“I read Borges’ fabulous book Seven Nights for the seven-thousand time, I think, and it seems to me
a book I can never finish, because, as he says, a book changes each time we read it, because we
change and are never the same person we were yesterday”

© Copyright April 26, 2011 Sandra Cisneros – San Antonio, Texas

The Rabbinical George Steiner has some conclusive words:
Borges has “deepened the landscape of our memories.”

“he (Borges) apparently never forgave me for having said that
his home was a modest one, with a leaky roof.”

The Storyteller
Mario Vargas Llosa – © copyright 1989

The Uplet Rudiments ™
by Aneurin Nicostratus III
Copyright © 1980 and 1981
All Rights Reserved Worldwide